The First Job North Of The Water

Refurbishment and rear extension to a postwar terrace in NORF London. First site administration that I'll be doing in the new job. Really looking forward to building on past experiences within the  new setting. We've got a really good team around us and a focused client. 

While it isn't going to be the biggest job in the world, there is always so much to see and so many wise people to learn from. Postwar buildings, while not the most coveted by all buyers in the market, are solidly built and have different challenges to the Victorian and Georgian stock we usually come across in Central London.

The amount of temporary propping and the size of the steelwork we've had to put in give a pretty good idea of how heavy this building is. If only our new-build market could be made to apply this principle today!

But to be honest, it is crazy how much hard structure had to broken out to get us to the point you see in these photos. Due to the prestressed concrete beams used for the first and second floor structures, there is a lot of load being transferred to the rear facade, which needs to be compensated for.

More photos and updates to come!